I provide my clients with a Brand Identity, telling others who they are and delivering a clear and consistent message for potential viewers and clients.

As every project is unique, the requirements for each client vary depending of their specific needs. When creating or redesigning a brand identity, some of the common items normally requested, are as follows:

Logo Design: the development of a unique element that identifies an individual, product, service or company, resulting on a brandmark providing a consistent message to potential viewers or clients.

Identity Manuals: Once the brandmark is designed resulting on an emblem, symbol or logotype ( an identity graphic arrangement including text ), most clients need a guide that ensures that anyone producing graphic material within the company or institution, does it in a proper and consistent manner.

Stationery: This might include basic pieces such as business cards, letterhead or envelopes and up to more complex systems that often include formats for a company’s internal communication, which can be printed or digital PDF formats.

Editorial Design: This includes a wide range of printed material starting with a simple newsletter scaling up to a corporate brochure, annual report, newspaper, magazine or book.

Website: The process for a website design would normally start with myself designing the general concept of the site, graphic parameters and structure. Once that is cleared, the design structure is handed to a web developer and coding specialist. It is up to the client the choice of specialists for further growth and maintenance.

Collateral Printed Material: The range here is very wide, it might include menus, tent cards, decals, banners, flyers, brochures, fact sheets, posters. The list is limitless.

Signage: The name of a restaurant up on the street, a giant billboard, banner or an airport full signage system can be developed.

Digital communication: All of the previously mentioned items have a digital counterpart. These items are used through electronic means transformed into e-flyers, digital brochures, screen presentations, etc.

Graphic communication is very vast. If there is anything you might need please ask, I will strive to provide a solution for you. If you wish to contact me with a job inquiry, please refer to the Hire Me section.