Graphic Design for Hotel & Spa industry

Designing for the hospitality industry is a very interesting and rewarding experience for any graphic designer. There is a wide variety of graphic requirements in any hotel or toursim  related organization.

Every department within a hotel has specific needs. Sales department require special pieces according to the hotel’s brand identity: a rack brochure, fact sheet, press kit, groups and meetings collateral material; materials for touristic fairs & expos such as banners, displays, booths, flyers and give away items. Advertising is very important also: magazine and newspaper ads as well as e-marketing material are within this department requirements.

Food & Beverages department needs some other graphic design pieces such as the logos for their restaurants, bars and night clubs. This also implies menus, signs, uniforms and some other graphic communication items for special occasions or promoting their venues.

Housekeeping takes care, in most cases, of the communication with the guests through several materials within the rooms. These might include TV guides, hotel binders with general information, corporate brochure, note pads, etc.

All of these materials are to be designed accordingly to the brand identity standards and to the marketing and communication strategies. International hotel chains develop very strict standards, complying with them and satisfying individual needs is at times overwhelming, but finding the proper solutions is always rewarding.

I have designed for several international renowned hotel chains over the years, here you will find some examples of this work.